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Custom Bathroom Vanities in Port Coquitlam

Are you planning a bathroom renovation in the Vancouver area? Look no further than Prime Kitchen Cabinets to take your room to the next level with newly designed and installed bathroom vanities and more in Port Coquitlam! A new bathroom vanity is a must-have for any remodeling project. Over time, your bathroom can become dated and dingy with use, especially the vanity. Today, there are a number of different styles and colours available to replace your old vanity with a new, modern piece. Whether you’re looking for a double sink for the master bathroom, lots of cabinet space for storage, or a small and simple vanity for the half bath, we have a wide range of options to suit every style and need. Call or visit us to learn more about getting custom-made bathroom vanities in Port Coquitlam. Be sure to read our testimonial page to see what other people are saying about our work as well!

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