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Imagine Shining, Sparkling Countertops in Vancouver

Knife marks, juice stains, peeling laminate—wear and tear on your counter can make your kitchen an unsightly mess that discourages you from inviting guests to dinner or even cooking for yourself. When it’s time to update your kitchen, why not make their eyes pop with a gleaming new counter from Prime Kitchen Cabinets? Our Vancouver specialists will help you select, customize, and install the ideal countertop.

• Customize Your Counter


Choose between solid colours and stone or wood textures to shape your home’s atmosphere and suit your style. Convey a sense of luxury with a deep, rich colour, or freshen up your space with a bright texture that feels modern and upbeat. Investing in a new countertop will make a dynamic difference in your home’s appearance and improve its resale value!


• Experience Quality Quartz


Quartz is a stunning surface material to have in your home. Since quartz is harder than granite, it is non-porous and naturally durable. Moreover, it’s easy to clean as well as scratch, stain, and germ-resistant. If you desire a natural stone look for your home, shop Prime Kitchen Cabinets for a range of colours and styles that beautify and add value to your kitchen.

• See the Difference Dekton Makes


Dekton blends raw materials including quartz, glass, and porcelain—a hybrid of the best materials for surfacing. It is impervious to scratches, scorches, and stains. Dekton is also a perfect choice for outdoor counters, since it withstands water and UV rays. Shop Prime Kitchen Cabinets for affordable Dekton countertops that will keep your kitchen looking gorgeous.


You deserve a beautiful kitchen. Rely on Prime Kitchen Cabinets to take you through the selection and installation process. Contact us today and get started!

To view more colour and style options, visit the Cosentino® website.

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