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kitchen and bathroom cabinets in Langley and Port Coquitlam

Do you want to give your house a contemporary look? You don’t have to completely redesign your property to do so. You can make an enormous difference to the entire space by just replacing the kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities. In addition to being comfortable, these areas have to be highly functional and practical so that you can carry out your daily chores with ease. Alluring kitchen and bathroom spaces can also increase the value of your property considerably.

If you are remodeling your kitchen or bathroom this year, here are a few top design trends that you should consider. They will assist you in making your living space more appealing.

How to choose cabinets for your kitchen?

Cabinets occupy most of the space in your kitchen. You should dedicate some time to choose great cabinet designs from the extensive range of products available these days. You can select a design from these options based on what you want your kitchen to look like. You can go for a traditional country-style, an ultra-modern look, or a handcrafted wood effect. Such designs will help in making your space more appealing and aesthetically impressive. Opt for a vintage vibe as it is a major trend this year. At Prime Kitchen Cabinets, we can help you in boosting the functionality of your home by redesigning your kitchen. Wood will impart a warm, earthy feel to your kitchen. If you want to give it a clean, modern look, you can pick stainless steel and glass. If you are looking for new cabinets for your Langley property, you should visit Prime Kitchen Cabinets. Our professionals can offer you more information on all the available cabinet designs that you can choose from.

Opt for open shelving

Consider replacing your kitchen upper cabinets with metal, wood or glass shelving. This trend is inspired by hotel and retail spaces and will add a bold statement to your home. Open shelving helps in increasing your storage space and adds a modern touch. It also helps in making areas look brighter and bigger. Open shelves are budget-friendly and easy to clean and organize.

Custom-made pantries

These are one of the biggest trends in 2019 and a must-have in all modern kitchens. They help store ingredients at the right temperature, and ensure they are easily accessible. A well-designed custom-made pantry can be used to store everything from vegetables to bottles. It comes equipped with open vegetable racks, wine storage, deep drawers, and open shelving. A few of them also have sinks for prepping vegetables.

Select bold colors

The trend of pure white kitchens has been fading gradually. You should opt for bold colors such as green, black, and blue for your cabinets. Deep forest greens balanced out with latte shades, smoky glass and soft metallics can give a modern look to your kitchen. Black cabinets can be contrasted with rich coffee browns, shades of grey, taupe and biscuit beige. Navy is the most popular vibrant color as it can adapt well to both modern and traditional surroundings.

Reeded Glass

Reeded glass cabinets will help in adding a layer of texture to your kitchen. The effect works well with natural materials and the semi opaque glass will offer a glimpse of the contents beyond. It will also add a sense of depth to your space.

How to redesign your bathroom?

Select stylish and trendy accessories for your bathroom to give it a refined look. Bathroom cabinets can make the space look more refined. They are also very essential to stay organized, by providing you easy access to all the products that you need. In bathrooms which do not have closets, it is the best solution for all your storage problems.

Opt for white cabinets

Bathrooms have become a personal sanctuary for many individuals. So, opting for white bathroom cabinets will make the space more relaxing. They will also make the area appear brighter and wider. Also, white colored furniture is considered to be more stylish and sophisticated.

Install a bathroom vanity

Select open bottom vanities if you want to add a bit more space to your bathroom and make it look less cluttered. Floating vanities are used in small bathrooms as they can offer more open space. At Prime Kitchen Cabinets, you can choose from a wide range of bathroom vanities in different textures and colors. Incorporate these trends while renovating your kitchen and bathroom to prevent your home from appearing dated. Also, add your personal touch while selecting the furniture. This will ensure you are comfortable with the changes and feel at home. If you are looking for kitchen cabinets or bathroom equipment in Port Coquitlam & Langley, contact us today!


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