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a kitchen remodel with white cabinets

The kitchen is the essence of your home. This is where family meals are prepared, and guests are hosted. It comes as no surprise that a renovated kitchen boosts a home’s valuation. In fact, a kitchen renovation is known to add up to 6% to the value of a home. A kitchen renovation is also a prime opportunity to go green. Read on to learn about eco-friendly kitchen renovation ideas with ROI potential. Explore how to pull off an eco-friendly kitchen renovation that boosts your home value.


Cabinetry is one of the most critical elements of a kitchen renovation. At eye level or above, it is often the first thing guests see when they enter the room. When shopping for cabinets, one thing you can look for is the Environment Stewardship Program (ESP) seal. ESP was created by the Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturers Association (KCMA). The seal helps identify eco-friendly cabinet manufacturers and designers. With the seal of approval, the company meets KCMA requirements for process and product resource management. They also meet standards for air quality and environmental stewardship. Another option is to have your cabinets repainted or refaced. If you are repainting cabinets, opt for paints with no volatile organic compounds (VOC). Refacing is an effective option because it uses less than a single tree’s worth of wood. It is more affordable than replacement cabinets, and you will have more durable boxes.


Few things pop in a new kitchen, like new countertops. Here, your guests enjoy an appetizer or drink and are sure to take in the countertop style. While many homeowners opt for granite, the truth is that quartz is the more sustainable material. The mining production process for quartz is more eco-friendly than granite. Another reason to opt for quartz countertops is that they are virtually maintenance-free. They do not crack or chip, meaning that replacement is not necessary. Also, quartz countertops do not require sealants that often contain toxic chemicals.


Regarding energy consumption, your kitchen appliances are a major driver of monthly usage. The refrigerator is always running, and other appliances like the dishwasher use power and water. You can save energy by selecting green appliances. The choice to go green with appliances also helps your monthly budget. Using less energy is going to result in more affordable energy bills. Some people wonder how to select energy-efficient appliances. If the store associate cannot help you, look for the Energy Star logo. These appliances are up to 50% more efficient than standard units.


You are now ready to go green with an eco-friendly kitchen renovation. By selecting quartz countertops and cabinets with the ESP seal, you can prioritize sustainable materials that help the environment. Kitchen appliances with the Energy Star logo are also a plus. Prime Kitchen Cabinets can help you with your kitchen design and renovation. If you are looking for eco-friendly kitchen renovation ideas, contact us today to get started.



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