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Kitchen cabinets in Langley British Columbia

Kitchen cabinets are the most visible and defining feature of any kitchen, so you want to make sure you choose the right ones. At Prime Kitchen Cabinets, we provide kitchen cabinets and kitchen design services in Coquitlam, Vancouver, Maple Ridge and Langley areas, and we love helping homeowners create their dream kitchens.

Here are our top five tips for picking out new kitchen cabinets: 1) Consider the Style of Your Kitchen Your choice of kitchen cabinets in Langley or Port Coquitlam should be led by the style of the kitchen you currently have or want to create. While many people want either a modern style featuring clean lines or a traditional style with some more charm, you may also want to consider a transitional look that incorporates elements from both. 2) Choose Cabinets that Complement Your Countertops After your cabinets, your countertops are likely the next most visible component of your kitchen. Matching your new cabinets to your countertops is a sure way to create a seamless kitchen design. Your cabinets and counters don't have to be identical, but they should complement one another in terms of look and style. 3) Pick Your Favorite Door Styles Once you have a clear vision for the style of your kitchen and countertops, you'll have an easier time choosing a kitchen cabinet door style from the many different available looks. A smooth slab door is one of the most popular options for a modern style kitchen, while inset and raised-panel doors have a more traditional style. If you're going for a transitional look, then shaker style cabinet doors with their clean lines and subtle detail are a great choice. 4) Narrow Down Your Choices by Material, Colour, and Finish The kitchen design you are looking to create can also help guide your choice of material, colour, and finish. Wood is a popular choice for both modern and traditional kitchens, though modern kitchens are more likely to have painted wood cabinets while classic wood finishes lend a more traditional look. You'll want to choose a colour and finish that complements the other colours, textures, and finishes in the kitchen. 5) Complete the Look with the Right Hardware Cabinet door hardware, such as knobs, hinges, and pulls, provides the finishing touch on the look and style of a cabinet. Hardware may seem insignificant, but it could be the component that ties your whole kitchen design together. You can dress your cabinets up with ornate handles and pulls or keep things more minimalistic with sleek and simple hardware. Kitchen Cabinets and Kitchen Design Services in Coquitlam Prime Kitchen Cabinets strives to provide high quality and affordable products that allow homeowners to bring their vision to life. We manufacture, deliver, and install kitchen cabinets in Vancouver, Langley, Coquitlam, and all throughout the Lower Mainland. We also carry countertops in a variety of styles and materials to complement your new kitchen cabinets. If you'd like to find out more about our Langley and Port Coquitlam kitchen design services, just contact Prime Kitchen Cabinets today.


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