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Cabinetry is the most prominent and defining feature of any kitchen. It improves its functionality and helps keep everything organized. With an extensive range of designs available in the market, choosing one for your kitchen can be confusing. At Prime Kitchen Cabinets, we offer good quality and affordable kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities. Our professional designers can help create a functional and beautiful space that matches your expectations.

Here are some tips that will help you choose the right cabinet design for your kitchen:

Consider Your Kitchen Style

Whether your kitchen design is traditional or contemporary, it is essential to choose cabinets that will complement its style. Determining the construction and door type you need also helps narrow down the options. Here are a few designs you can choose from, based on the architectural style of your home:

  • Arched cathedral: This style is usually used for the upper wall cabinets. The door panel is shaped like an arched window and it can be recessed or raised within the door frame.

  • Beaded: The interior panel has stripes created by a single or double groove. These are commonly known as beads in woodworking. Such panels can easily be combined with other styles.

  • Flat panel: This is the preferred style for transitional kitchens. In this case, the door has a single flat panel surrounded by moulding.

  • Glass inset: The doors are transparent and you can see all the contents of the cabinet.

  • Mission: These are a type of flat panel doors, having a square frame moulding with simple, clean lines. They are usually made up of oak and are stained to highlight the wood grain.

  • Raised panel: These are more traditional in style, with the center panel being slightly raised by a contoured groove around the moulding.

  • Shaker: These are similar to mission cabinets but have a narrower frame moulding. They offer more function and durability.

  • Slab: This is the most minimalist option, featuring no panels, moulding or ornamentation. They usually have a finger ledge or push-to-open mechanism to eliminate hardware altogether.

Choose the Material

An extensive range of materials is used to make kitchen cabinets. You can choose from options like stainless steel, melamine or wood. We have listed a few popular ones below:

  • Wood: They are a classic feature in any kitchen and easy to pair with any decorating style, making them a popular choice for homeowners. Though most cabinets are made from hardwood, it is usually applied as a veneer over a substrate like plywood to reduce costs.

  • Laminates: These are made up of three resin-saturated layers. The base layer is paper, the second one is printed and coloured to resemble wood and the last is a protective transparent layer. Heat and pressure are used to fuse the laminate to a substrate. These cabinets are usually heavier than those made of wood.Laminate is commonly used to cover the surfaces of doors and exterior cabinetry. High-pressure laminates are difficult to damage and hence, offer high durability. On the other hand, low-pressure variants are less impact-resistant and have a tendency to crack and chip. The use of good-quality substrates can mitigate such problems.

  • Thermofoil: This is a vinyl film applied to a substrate through heat and pressure. The application process enables it to resemble wood detailing more closely than laminate can. It is most often white or almond in colour and such cabinets are easy to care for; they are less likely to chip than painted ones.

Ensure the Cabinets are Functional

Although the design and style of a cabinet are essential aspects, never compromise on the functionality while buying one. Consider the type of products you need to store and ensure you have enough space to fit all of them in. You can also add drawers under the kitchen counters instead of shelves. Attach the cabinets next to the sink or stove to have everything within reach while cooking or cleaning.

Think on a Colour

Picking a paint colour for your kitchen cabinets can be a tough decision. Choose a shade you love and ensure it stands the test of time. Neutral paints can be a good option as they work well with most design styles. They are also safer choices as they easily complement and blend with other tones. If you want a deeper hue, choose a colour with a balanced mix of warm and cool undertones to complement your interiors. Using the tips above will help you choose the right cabinets for your kitchen. At Prime Kitchen Cabinets, we offer custom kitchen design and consultation, cabinetry to fit any style, a large selection of quartz countertops, and more. We have served customers in Coquitlam, Langley and Maple Ridge for many years. Call or visit us.


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