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kitchen with white cabinets and quartz countertops

Countertops are an essential element of a kitchen. Not only do they provide a space to prepare food and store ingredients, but they also act as a statement piece in your decor. If you're planning to do a kitchen renovation in Coquitlam or Langley, you might want to consider investing in quartz countertops. At Prime Kitchen Cabinets, we offer free quartz countertops with a full kitchen purchase. While more affordable than marble, quartz has the same luxurious look that can be integrated into any décor. In addition to that, quartz countertops have the most incredible colours and patterns. Let's take a look at some of the different types and colours of quartz countertops available on the market.


Everyone loves the look of marble countertops, but no one likes its price tag or how high-maintenance it can be. That is why more homeowners are opting for quartz countertops to upgrade the look of their kitchen. Quartz is more durable and, if you choose the right kind, looks just like marble! This material doesn't need to be sealed; it is nonporous (meaning it doesn't stain) and is harder to scratch than marble. Quartz is an excellent choice for the new build or renovation that wants to get a luxury look without unnecessarily overspending.


Quartz is one of the most popular countertop stones for a modern kitchen. This ultra-modern and homey stone is available in various colours, shades and textures. Here are some of the trendiest quartz colours you can consider for your countertops.

Calacatta Gold

If you are more of a warm-colours person, this is the type of quartz for you. Calacatta Gold has gorgeous golden hues, which give an opulent look to any room. The warm, metallic gold shades in this quartz will complement traditional wood-tone cabinets beautifully.

Ethereal Glow

This gold and grey blend of quartz with a nuanced white background is similar to the colour above but comes with cool-toned veins mixed throughout, making Ethereal Glow highly versatile for various kitchen designs.

Ethereal Haze

This beautiful quartz comes in a subtle grey and white blend, reminiscent of traditional marble, without being overstated. It has gorgeous striations of deep-coloured gradients with an almost silver feel.

Ethereal Dusk

If you're looking for something similar to Ethereal Haze but with a less bright-white base, the bluish tones in Ethereal Dusk quartz would be an excellent choice for your kitchen. This quartz seamlessly combines traditional aesthetics with modern design elements. Ethereal Noctis One of the most striking colours we offer, Ethereal Noctis, has short-size striations closer to black than grey. Its textured background with deep grey undertones will add sophistication to your kitchen and make your countertops a focal point of the room.


When you consider different materials for your kitchen countertops, the first things that come to mind are colour, texture, durability, and price. For that reason, quartz is considered as one of the most popular countertop materials these days. Its durability, ease of installation, and the variety of colours available can perfectly complement any kitchen style. Whether you're in the middle of a new build or are doing a kitchen renovation in close proximity to Coquitlam or Langley, we are here to help make your dream kitchen become a reality. Connect with our designers to learn more about our products and services.




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